Saturday, March 14, 2015

I think I'm gonna go Amazon Exclusive

Sorry, I am no longer offering my books in various e-book formats, including kobo, smashowords, barnes&noble, or iBooks. If you are thinking, hey, I would buy this book if it were available in of these places, but I'm not going to go get it on amazon, please let me know. If I get even just a few people contacting me, I will bring it back to these other stores (although it might take a couple months). I should also note that if any of my books make it halfway popular, I will very likely re-release to "any format I can".

To me, KDP seems sleazy. It gives you some cool marketing tools for Amazon, but the price is you have to only sell on Amazon.

Elysian brewery: recently bought by Anheiser Busch

I would love to have my books available in any format on any device, but I am just not that popular of a writer (yet?), so the marketing tools I get with KDP are pretty important to my book's chance of success. Also, the book looks best in kindle format, because it's where I spent the most time formatting. I can only do some types of promos if I only have it available on kindle. So yeah. Kindle only for now I guess.

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